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It was a great day at the West Tallahatchie School District as the staff began their school year working as a team. Lead by the new Superintendent of Education, Dr. Darron Edwards, the WTSD began a CommUNITY walk. Principals, Teachers, and community Officials alike boarded buses that took them on routes that our children travel to get to and from school each day.

The purpose of the CommUNITY walk was to bridge the gap between educational stakeholders and the community. In the noon of the day, heat sweltering, yet hearts melting from the compassion of onlookers as they traveled from door to door meeting and greeting the caregivers and children who were anxiously awaiting the beginning of a promising school year.

This up-close and personal activity was a first in the West Tallahatchie School District that gave educational shareholders that sense of gratitude and appreciation for choosing education as a profession.

Informative literature such as school calendars, uniform policies, and supply lists were hand delivered and or left at the residency of parents. After the tour, Dr. Edwards rendered words of reflection which complimented the words of inspiration before the trip began.

In the end, not a one heart or mind was the same after seeing the challenges our children face every day just to receive the quality education they so rightfully deserve. This tour was an eye opener to a quote that a past principal of the West Tallahatchie High School would say; "Only Your Best Is Good Enough" {Iva Houston} and we are off with clear minds, inspired hearts, and open arms to embrace all children, and empower every mind as we "Transform Today's Achievers into Tomorrow's 21st Century Leaders."


The CommUNITY walk consisted of all educational shareholders riding on school buses throughout the various communities while taking time to walk and talk with residents. School calendars, uniform policies, and supply lists were a few items issued to residents during this event. Come help us Bridge the Gap between Communities & Schools.

Dr. Darron Edwards shakes hands with a local resident as he introduces himself as the new superintendent of education. Also displayed in the background was Tallahatchie County Supervisor Carey Hayes who was showing his support for the walk.

Local caregiver Blanche Montgomery greets the Superintendent at her doorstep as he shares his vision for the new school district. Standing on the side showing support is North Delta Alternative School teacher Melonie Beasley.

R.H. Bearden teacher Camille Welborn introduces herself with a handshake to a local parent during the walk.

by: Larry Gordon and Marilyn Gibbs

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